"We love the unit, and the whole J&L team has been great to work with. We've already sent a few people your way." -A Satisfied Residential Customer in OKC (July 2013)

"My wife and I are in the process of buying a new home and selling our present home. The home inspector alerted us to a possible issue with the electrical panel in the new house. We called Jamars & Long to inspect the electrical panels at both houses because they are from the same manufacturer. We also asked them to inspect both houses from an electrical point-of-view. The houses were built in the early 60's, so the integrity of the electrical systems were important to us. We wanted to avoid issues with the sale of our house and we wanted to get a licensed electrician's opinion on the system at the new house because our inspector did not hold an electrical license. I spoke with Dallas from Jamars & Long. He was very friendly and professional. He took the time to explain everything he found at both houses. I really appreciated the extra detail he provided in explaining any issues. It went a long way in putting us at ease in terms of moving into the new house and knowing that electrical issues wouldn't be a concern for the buyer's inspection of our current house. We did get an estimate to upgrade our panel in the future at the new house. The estimate was in line with our expectations for the job. We don't want a low ball estimate for electrical. Electrical is not something you want to go cheap on. It wasn't higher than I expected either, so I was happy with the estimate. We will use them to upgrade the panel when we get to that point. Also, we have since had our current house inspected and no electrical issues came up that we didn't expect." -A Satisfied Residential Customer in OKC (March 2013)

"You are the best contractor we have worked with in years!" -A Satisfied Residential Customer in Moore

"Jamars & Long are great. I am a designer and use them for jobs all the time. I find them to be very professional. I will continue to use them and recommend them." -A Satisfied Commercial Customer in Yukon, OK (August 2006)

"The men who came to fix the air conditioner were outstanding, hard working and cleaned up after themselves. Great company and very recommendable." -A Satisfied Commercial Customer in Oklahoma City, OK

"Everything was handled in a very professional and straight-forward manner. We felt that we were provided a good unit at a reasonable price, and installed quickly without any hassles. Thank you for checking the refrigerant level of the upstairs unit without a service charge. That was an extremely nice gesture. We have already recommended you to co-workers." -Satisfied Residential Customers in Yukon, OK

"Please thank Marty, Lenny & the rest of the gang for their excellent work and enthusiasm in completing our project. I would be a lucky man if every electrical/mechanical company was as action-packed, knowledgeable and good natured as Jamars & Long. And thank you Katie for your quick mind, wit and resourcefulness. I felt more like a good friend than a customer and was sure my project was under control when we finished each phone conversation. That's saying something over 750 miles." -A Satisfied Corporate Customer in Cincinnati, OH (Project in OKC, OK)

"This is one of the most professional contractors we have had the privileged of working with.  They came the day we called to do an estimate for us.  When we selected them to do our electrical work they schedule us for a just a week later and called to confirm the appointment with us.  They called and asked if they could begin work at 6:30 am due to the heat and the work that would require them to be in the attic and we agreed.  On the scheduled day of work, they began arriving in front of our house at 6:20 am, by 6:30 am they had their tools out and began work.  They were excellent at answering all of our questions and explained it all in detail, and ensured that they were doing what we wanted done.  They finished in one day as promised.  In today's world, to have a contractor show up when they say they are coming, complete they job in the time frame they promised, not add hidden costs to the bill, and clean up after themselves is a rare find!  They are top quality contractors." -Satisfied Residential Customers in Moore, OK (August 2012)

"Jamars & Long are very nice to deal with. They asked a lot of questions before doing work and made sure I was informed completely about what was going on. They picked up everything. This is a very pleasant staff and crew." -A Satisfied Customer in Oklahoma City, OK (July 2006)